In summer 2019 we organised urban furniture workshops in Šilainiai neighbourhood, because simply we severely lack benches. It is the first time we did this, so we invited Lasnaidee – active community association team from Tallin, Estonia, to share their experience and teach us how to do it.

Here are some moments from the workshops:

Lasnaidee team noticed the extremely unsafe community makeshift stairs leading to the Urban Gardens and together with the community we decided to use some of the wood we had to make temporary, but much safer ones. It is great to have an engineer on the team!

Some sketches for the temporary stairs:

Some video documentation from 10:39 min. (Lithuanian with middle part in English).



This work was funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Thank you.




Images by Ričardas Rickevičius, Shota Kotake and Lasnaidee.


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