‘Šilainiai Project’ is a creative platform in housing estate of Šilainiai, Kaunas (Lithuania) which focuses on active engagement with the site and local community through a variety of creative processes – collaborative archives, workshops, artist residencies, talks and events. Project was set up by local artist Evelina Šimkutė back in 2015.

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For all up to date news and events please visit Šilainiai Project Facebook page and Šilainiai Gardens (Lithuanian only).



Year 2020 – Šilainiai Project is 5 !
In 2020 Šilainiai Project is focusing on biodiversity of our neighbourhood, urban gardening and long term strategy for Fort no. 8. We will continue to work hands-on, on location individually or in goups online and again by meeting in person when we can.
Sustainability and resilience are now more important than ever and it is essential that all of our current projects addresses that.
Due to Covid-19 some of our plans were stopped in its tracks: mobile youthwork, “waste as resource” workshops with architects; international cultural collaborations with Norway and artist residiency in the theme of solidarity, however we do hope to try to secure funding for these projects in the next coming years.
Confirmed plans:
– Biological diversity map of Kaunas Fort no. 8, collecting data of Šilainiai biodiversity with the residents, community educational meeting with a biodiversity specialist;
Urban gardening educational platform development and expansion as well as community building;
– Long-term strategy for Kaunas fort no. 8, stakeholder workshops – phase 1 (and two in 2021).
2020 team
The incredible team working to make things happen!
Agnė Dailidaitė – landscape architect / Working on Fort no. 8 long-term strategy.
Evelina Šimkutė – Leader of Šilainiai Project / Project concept creation and development, PR and coordination, often on-site.
Goda Skėrytė – project administrator / Goda’s extensive experience of writing, managing and administering variuos projects has been invaluable since 2017!
Kotryna Ražinskaitė – Graphic designer / Creating visuals for the biodiversity project.
Rūta Lukošiūnaitė – architectural engineer, designer and sustainable development specialist / Project “Šilainiai Gardens developer since 2018
Tomas Pocius – Biological diversity specialist, naturalist. / Contributing to Šilainiai biodiversity investigation.
Vytautas Paplauskas – Photographer / Simple humane photography with a professional, sensitive and humble work attitude. Photographing Šilainiai Project events since 2019.



Project curated by artist Evelina Šimkutė is one of the first who stepped into Šilainiai micro-district of block multistory houses, culturally separated from the city centre. The artists were staying in this micro-district by means of ‘couch-surfing’ in summer of 2016, where they developed new artworks. Also they made connections with local community, presenting their creative work publicly and participating in open meetings in a public library of Šilainiai.

Šilainiai Project is an initiative oriented to the local community of various generations and in this way is part of other Lithuanian and foreign practices seen in micro-districts – open creative social platforms, community and participatory arts and others. International artist residency is one of the many activities led by Evelina Šimkutė in Šilainiai, which help and start to reveal the cultural identity of the last developed micro-district in Kaunas in Soviet times. The project conducts an artistic, also historical and social research of Šilainiai, communicating with the people who created it and examining the collected archival material.

Vaida Stepanovaitė, 2016


Šilainiai Artist In Residence, Šilainiai microdistrict, Kaunas, Lithuania

Šilainiai Project is a creative platform in Kaunas, Lithuania, run by a community of local creatives. It has many parts, one of which is an artist mini-residency program in Šilainiai micro-district. International artists stay with a host family in Šilainiai up to two weeks and make works in public spaces. There are opportunities to work with local schools/ community groups and exhibit works in local venues. The residency is by invitation and we also accept project proposals throughout the year.

In 2016 these artists took part in the residency programme:  Arara Mori (Japan), Brooke Carlson (Australia), Francis Olvez – Wilshaw (UK), Marija Nemcenko (Scotland), Milda Gailiūtė (Šilainiai) and The Lake Twins (UK) and Evelina Šimkutė (UK/ Šilainiai). End of the year project exhibition took place at Kabinetas project space in Kaunas. You may view exhibition documentation here.

2017 Šilainiai artist residents: Lahestan (Aleksander Haugen) (Norway), Shota Kotake (Japan), Tadas Šimkus (Šilainiai) and Katrina Brown (Netherlands/UK). End of the year exhibition took place in Gallery 101 in Kaunas. You may see the exhibition video documentation here.

2018 architecture residency, part of Šilainiai urban gardens project.

2019 residency: Elizabeth Hudson (UK / Portugal) and special performance by Canardus Horribilis and De Munnfulle (Norway).


The Lake Twins (UK) in Šilainiai, 2016

Francis Olvez (UK) – Wilshaw in Šilainiai, 2016

Brooke Carlson (Australia) in Šilainiai, 2016

Shota Kotake (Japan) in speaking about his experiences in Šilainiai, 2017

Šilainiai Project initiator Evelina Šimkutė, 2016 (Lithuanian only)



16 June – Šilainiai Project happening at BeePart in Vilnius, Lithuania

13-16 July  Šilainiai Project artist residencies: Lahestan (Aleksander Haugen) (Norway)

14 July – Šilainiai [PARIS] Project

15 July – Šilainiai [FORTAS] Project

20 August –  deadline to send your Street Art proposals – OPEN CALL

11 September – Šilainiai [RESEARCH] Project (1)

September – November – Šilainiai Photo walks and workshops at schools (dates to be confirmed)

14-17 September and 2-18 October 2017 Šilainiai Project artist residencies:  Shota Kotake (Japan)

16 October 18:00 ‘Tea with the artist’ meeting at Šilainiai Library: artist Shota Kotake (Japan)

9 November 18:00 ‘Tea with the artist’ meeting at Šilainiai Library: artist Katrina Brown (Netherlands/UK)

4 December – 31 January 2018 – Šilainiai Photo exhibition at Šilainiai library


This year Šilainiai Project artist residencies are partly financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Šilainiai Photo project is partly financed by ‘Initiatives for Kaunas’ and the Lithuanian Culture Council.  Street art project is made possible in collaboration with Kaunas street art festival NYKOKA. Thank you.



To find out more about Šilainiai, please visit  www.silainiaiphoto.com – community photography project run by Evelina.


Would your family be interested in hosting an artist in your Šilainiai home for one – two weeks in summer 2017? Do let us know! Email silainiai@outlook.com



Šilainiai Project is run by volunteers and would not be possible without the generosity of our crowd-funding donors: Vanessa Kilduff, Niamh Grogan, Rita Valiukonyte, Liucija Dervinyte, Egle Marciulaityte, Jurgita Valmante and those who wished to stay anonymous. Thank you.

To support the project please go to our fundraising page: https://www.gofundme.com/silainiai



2016 Project partners

Public Institution Arthesis


Kaunas city municipality Vincas Kudirka public library, Šilainiai subdivision

Biblioteka logo

2017 Project partners

Lithuanian Artist Association, Kaunas department

Lithuanian Association of Photographers

Kaunas Martynas Mažvydas public library, Šilainiai department

Kaunas Fortress Park

Kaunas Artists’ Home

Art management platform ‘Arthesis’

Kaunas Street Art festival ‘Nykoka’

Šilainiai Community Association

Kaunas Grušas Art gymnasium

Kaunas Jonas Basanavičius gymnasium

Yard gallery (Kiemo galerija, Kaunas)


2017 Projects are partially funded by:

Initiatives for Kaunas

Kaunas Municipality art stipend (3 months)

Lithuanian Culture Council


Thank you.