Urban compost


What if nothing travels to landfill?

What if we see “waste” as material, that we can use again?

Let’s focus on garden waste and kitchen waste.

Composting can dramatically reduce kitchen and garden waste amounts that would otherwise travel to landfill.

In 2021, together with partners from Estonia and Finland, we tried to learn and share experience about composting in the city, touching many subjects on the way – from sustainability and climate change to invasive slug biology…

On this page we share our learning outcomes, materials from events as well as educational instructions and drawings which can be printed.

Educational material created by Rūta Lukošiūnaitė and Ugnė Balčiūnaitė.

Composting educational material, page 1/2
Composting educational material, page 2/2

All of the material on this page is free to use for non-commercial purposes. You may download and print files to start your own composter!

Composting education sheets in English:

Composting education sheets in Lithuanian:

Composting education sheets in Finnish:


Invasive slugs

  • In recent years invasive slug population in Kaunas, Lithuania is exploding;
  • Compost, plastic ground coverings, things laying on the ground are a great cover for slugs and their eggs;
  • Invasive slugs eat what we love;


  • How to compost and not to create more favourable conditions for invasive slugs?


  • Learning about invasive slugs with an expert
  • Different compost box wall design
  • Double Copper Tape
  • Wire Net
  • A lid and a partially removable wall

Video – learning about the invasive slugs with zoologist Mantas Adomaitis from Life Science Centre at Vilnius University (in Lithuanian).

“Composting in the Urban Gardens for beginners” – training by composting expert Anneli Ohvril (Estonia)

Forum: “Taking action on climate: urban gardens and composting in the city” (If video is not starting, please press “Watch on Facebook”). More about the forum and the themes we touched, go to Šilainiai [Environment] Project


Composter – open

Composter – closed

Composter removable wall

Composter lid

Making composter at Kaunas Fortress Park workshop

Installed composter in Šilainiai gardens

Photographs by Vytautas Paplauskas

We presented our work at “Waste Forum 2021” to politicians, municipality workers and waste management company staff from all over Lithuania.

“Urban Compost” artwork by Tadas Vincaitis – Plūgas

Project “The climate change awareness in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland” funded by

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