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Kviečiame kartu su menininkėmis Samantha Lippett ir Julija Lečaite pasinerti į radijo programos kūrimo procesą garso dirbtuvių metu:
Lapkričio 3 d. Trečiadienį 15:30 – 19:00
Lapkričio 4 d. Ketvirtadienį 15:30 – 19:00
Lapkričio 6 d. Šeštadienį 11:30 – 15:00
Lapkričio 7 d. Sekmadienį 11:30 – 16:00
Dirbtuvių metu pakviesime išbandyti įvairias garso kūrimo ir įrašymo technikas, vaikščiosime po Šilainius ir kartu kursime radijo programas!
Susitinkame Kauno Vinco Kudirkos viešosios bibliotekos Šilainių padalinyje (Baltų pr. 51)
Informacija ir registracija Tel.:+370 692 70806
Turite pasakojimą, eilėraštį ar dainą, kuri jums patinka? Turite idėją radijo programai? Pasidalinkite telefonu: +370 692 70806 arba elektroniniu paštu:
Gruodžio 3 d. vyks gyva radijo transliacija iš Šilainių, “Palangos gatvės radijo” interneto bangomis! Daugiau informacijos apie renginį:
„ŠILAINIŲ RADIJAS“ – tai garso ir radijo projektas, kuriamas bendradarbiaujant su Šilainių gyventojais. Projekto sumanytojos menininkė ir kuratorė Samantha Lippett (JK), garso kuratorė ir bendruomenės radijo ekspertė Julija Lečaitė bei Šilainiuose gyvenanti menininkė Evelina Šimkutė.
Šilainių radijas – sukurkime radijo programą kartu!
Projektą finansuoja: Lietuvos kultūros taryba
Organizuoja: Šilainiai Project ir Palanga Street Radio
Partneris: Kauno Vinco Kudirkos viešoji biblioteka
Šilainiai Project 2021
Thank you to our incredible team members, artists, partners and volunteers for the incredible support and understanding at this challenging time. We are proud of what we were able to achieve together in 2020. Our programming for 2021 is focussing on resilient and sustainable practices.
Urban gardening in Kaunas Fort no. 8
– Further development work by Rūta Lukošiūnaitė (pending funding application). 
Educational events programming:
– New gardeners call planned – March;
– Online – events / videos for beginner urban gardeners;
– New raised beds workshops in the gardens – May;
– Leftover garden plant-swap – late May / early June;
– Biweekly urban gardening check-ins during summer (online or on-site, if possible).
– Online and offline (if possible) events about climate change, sustainability and composting in urban gardens – springtime. This small-scale project will be funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania.
Šilainiai biodiversity
– Night moth watch – July 17-25 (weather and Covid permitting)
Artist on location
[Sound] Samantha Lippett and Palanga Street Radio – Summer (if funded);
[Water] Ugnė Balčiūnaitė – “Water body” artistic educational work – Summer (if funded);
Open call for artist partnerships in the area of art and science until mid. February, please contact us via email or Facebook.
Organisation development work
We will be working on a sustainable financial model, so we can continue our work in the years to come. This process will be financed by the “Actors of Urban change” programme.
New partnerships
We are very excited with the new developing partnerships with:
– The Kaunas City Municipality Public Health Bureau;
– Vytautas Magnus University faculty of environmental sciences. 
Looking forward to mutually beneficial work and the innovative pilot actions in the year ahead!
Continuing partnerships
VšĮ Kauno Tvirtovės Parkas (Kaunas Fortress park) 
– Kaunas Vincas Kudirka public library, Šilainiai department.
– Association “Kaunas Fortress” Fort no. 8 voluntreers
For latest news and events please visit Šilainiai Project Facebook page and Šilainiai Gardens (Lithuanian only).
In 2021 some of Šilainiai Project programmes will be partly financed by:
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Thank you!
Year 2020 – Šilainiai Project is 5 !
In 2020 Šilainiai Project is focusing on biodiversity of our neighbourhood, urban gardening and long term strategy for Fort no. 8. We will continue to work hands-on, on location individually or in groups online and again by meeting in person when we can.
Sustainability and resilience are now more important than ever and it is essential that all of our current projects addresses that.
Due to Covid-19 some of our plans were stopped in its tracks: mobile youthwork, “waste as resource” workshops with architects; international cultural collaborations with Norway and artist residiency in the theme of solidarity, however we do hope to try to secure funding for these projects in the next coming years.
Confirmed plans:
– Biological diversity map of Kaunas Fort no. 8, collecting data of Šilainiai biodiversity with the residents, community educational meeting with a biodiversity specialist;
Press release – Lithaunian only: Silainiai Project 2020_06_05 .
Urban gardening educational platform development and expansion as well as community building;
– Long-term strategy for Kaunas fort no. 8, stakeholder workshops – phase 1 (and two in 2021).
For all up to date news and events please visit Šilainiai Project Facebook page and Šilainiai Gardens (Lithuanian only).
2020 team
The incredible team working to make things happen!
Agnė Dailidaitė – landscape architect
Evelina Šimkutė – Leader of Šilainiai Project / Project concept creation and development, PR and coordination, often on-site.
Goda Skėrytė – project administrator / Goda’s extensive experience of writing, managing and administering variuos projects has been invaluable since 2017!
Kotryna Ražinskaitė – Graphic designer.
Rūta Lukošiūnaitė – architectural engineer, designer and sustainable development specialist / Project “Šilainiai Gardens developer since 2018
Tomas Pocius – Biological diversity specialist, naturalist.
Vytautas Paplauskas – Photographer / Simple humane photography with a professional, sensitive and humble work attitude. Photographing Šilainiai Project events since 2019.
VšĮ Kauno Tvirtovės Parkas (Kaunas Fortress park) Our collaboration has started in 2016 and it has been one of the most rewarding cross-sectoral collaborations, which has let to some of the most inspiring resuls – events, festivals, etc as well as the innovative, contemporary heritage management strategies.
Kaunas Vincas Kudirka public library, Šilainiai department. Our partnership with this vibrant community space has started in 2015 and continues untill today.
Association “Kaunas Fortress” Fort no. 8 voluntreers
In 2020 Šilainiai Project programmes were financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council, Kaunas city municipality “Initiatives for Kaunas” and the “Actors of Urban Change” programme. Thank you.
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What happening in 2019? 
2019 is going to be a grounded year with a lot of engagement ‘on location’. We will be focusing on Urban Gardens and ‘Place for creativity’ themes, which is part of our long-term strategy for sustainable creative community development in the neighbourhood.
For most up to date news and events please visit our Facebook page.
Screen shot 2019-10-18 at 14.34.20
Image by #Lietuva360. We can see Kaunas Fort no.8 and Šilainiai on top.

*times are subject to change 

January – ongoing – group-work with stakeholders for ‘Šilainiai Urban Gardens’, creating project website.

February 9 – gardeners meeting.

March 16 – gardeners meeting.

April tbc – Gardeners general meeting with main stakeholders.

April 27 – Clean-up day (DAROM akcija) at Kaunas Fort no. 8 – public, all welcome.

May 4-5 – preparing raised beds/ sowing seeds at Šilainiai Urban Gardens – public workshop, all welcome.

May 11 – sowing seeds/ planting seedlings at Šilainiai Urban Gardens – public workshop, all welcome.

June 9 – gardening workshop at Šilainiai Urban Gardens – public workshop, all welcome.

June 27 – Presentation by Lasnaidee team from Estonia.

June 28-29 –  outdoor furniture workshop in Šilainiai led by Lasnaidee team. – public workshop, all welcome. 

July 10 – gardening workshop at Šilainiai Urban Gardens – public workshop, all welcome.

July 20 – August 11 – Artist residency – Elizabeth Hudson (UK / Portugal). Event timetable on Facebook page.

August 3-4 – Norwegian theatre group ‘Canardus Horribilis’ showing work Šilainiai. 

August 7 – gardening workshop at Šilainiai Urban Gardens – public workshop, all welcome.

September 11 – Poetry readings in Šilainiai – public, all welcome. 


2019 work is made possible by grants from the Lithuanian Council for Culture, project “Sustainable Europe for all” and a STEP travel grant from the European Cultural Foundation with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo.
Also by ongoing partnerships with Vestfold Fylkeskommune Norway and Public Institution Kaunas Fortress Park.
Thank you.


4 March – Šilainiai Project talk in ‘Being local’ event in Riga, Latvia.

8 September – participated in ‘Šilainiai day’ celebration with work ‘Apartment gallery’.

27 October – Poetry readings, part of interdisciplinary culture heritage festival ‘Batery’.

June – December – Šilainiai Urban Gardens – idea generation, research, development, planning and first stage of work.

June – December – ‘The Apartment Gallery’ – place for meeting and sharing creativity. A physical place. Regular meetings with community members and work that would ensure continuity: testing models, action research, search for partners, etc.

28 December – Introducing #silainiusodai: Urban gardening in the microdistrict at ‘Young Ideas – Inside the Creative Mind’ event at Ideas Block LT.


2018 work is partly made possible by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture artist stipend. Thank you.



16 June – Šilainiai Project happening at BeePart in Vilnius, Lithuania

13-16 July  Šilainiai Project artist residencies: Lahestan (Aleksander Haugen) (Norway)

14 July – Šilainiai [PARIS] Project

15 July – Šilainiai [FORTAS] Project

11 September – Šilainiai [RESEARCH] Project (1)

September – November – Šilainiai Photo walks and workshops at schools (dates to be confirmed)


14-17 September and 2-18 October 2017Šilainiai Project artist residencies:  Shota Kotake (Japan)


16 October 18:00 ‘Tea with the artist’ meeting at Šilainiai Library: artist Shota Kotake (Japan)


9 November 18:00 ‘Tea with the artist’ meeting at Šilainiai Library: artist Katrina Brown (Netherlands/UK)

24 November – 8 December Šilainiai Project residency exhibition at VMU Gallery 101, Muitinės g. 7, Kaunas. Opening 24 November 18:00. Exhibition open I-V 11:00-17:00.

27 December – 10 January 2018 – Šilainiai Photo exhibition at Šilainiai library


This year Šilainiai Project artist residencies are partly financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Šilainiai Photo project is partly financed by ‘Initiatives for Kaunas’ and the Lithuanian Culture Council.  Street art project is made possible in collaboration with Kaunas street art festival NYKOKA. Thank you.


I invite you all to support the continuation of a community based art project in Šilainiai post-war housing estate in Kaunas (LT). In 2016, with minimal resources I was able to organise a global artist residence in the neighbourhood, several exhibitions, public walks introducing residents to their seemingly generic but actually extremely diverse community, poetry readings and photography workshops. I would like to continue doing amazing things for the community in 2017 too! Please support and/or share. Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Evelina Šimkutė, Founder, Šilainiai Project


For most up to date news please visit our Facebook page:

2016 has been the most amazing year.

The project has received the best reception and support from the local community. It was extensively covered by the press and it grew.

In short, Šilainiai Project in 2016:

–       Organised and/or led 8 public walks in Šilainiai, about 100 people participated;

–       Organised and led 5 photography/ contemporary art workshops in local schools for pupils aged 11-18;

–       Organised and led 5 artist talks in Šilainiai library;

–       Hosted 6 international artists, who worked in public spaces in Šilainiai;

–       Produced 3 exhibitions;

–       Initiated 2 artist discussions at Kabinetas project space;

–       Curated first art happening in Kaunas VIII Fort;

–       Supported international day of phylosophy in X Battery;

–       Initiated Humans of Šilainiai photography series;

–       Started Šilainiai archive of images and oral histories;

–       Started building a network of artist communities in Lithuania.

What I am most proud of is that it connected people together and inspired creativity.

Šilainiai Photo-walk, 2016

These are the activities I would like to organise through Šilainiai Project in 2017-2018:

–       Host 5 international artist residencies, if possible, rent an appartment that would enable us to have a public engagemet programme in an open studio setting;

–       Enable one-two artists from Šilainiai to produce a public piece of art in Šilainiai;

–       Support the creation of the first collaborative street art/mural in Šilainiai by pupils from Grušas Art gymnasium and Kaunas school for pupils with special needs;

–       Organise 6-7 Artist talks in Šilainiai library;

–       Produce 3 exhibitions: Šilainiai stories, Šilainiai residency and one exhibition displaying work of one very special senior resident;

–       Initiate/lead at least 2 discussions on subjects like cummunity art;

–       Curate 2 art happenings in Kaunas Forts;

–       Organise and lead 6 photography workshops in local schools with pupils aged 11-17;

Photography workshop in local school, 2016

–       Continue Humans of Šilainiai photography series;

–       Continue collecting Šilainiai archive of images and oral histories;

–        Create Šilainiai Project publication;

–        Finalise Marija Nemčenko artwork that she created in 2016: put it on a billboard in Kaunas;

–       Organise public walks in Šilainiai that would be led by myself, but also by local residents;

–       Organise poetry readings in Šilainiai public places;

–       Organise Šilainiai flag creation workshops;

–       Organise ‘Bastille Day’ celebration in Šilainiai, which will involve both local communtity, artists from Kaunas and other cities in Lithuania;

–       Support practical design-architecture workshops in public spaces in Šilainiai;

–       Initiate/ organise a public event, where graphic/ street art/ animation would be screened on multy-storey buildings in Šilainiai, Pilaitė (Vilnius), Pietinis (Šiauliai) and Klaipėda. The event would be accompanied by live music. During the day, there would be a talk/ discussion about the use of public spaces in Lithuanian ‘sleeping distrcts’.

–       Continue building a network of artist communities in Lithuania.

Senior poets’ community at Šilainiai Library, 2016

This is my proposed year plan, that will involve many partners, team members and volunteers. It will require me to work full-time and I need to be based on-site.

I currently do not receive any other income, so will only be able to do what is funded.

My practice is very open and I strongly believe in collaboration. I am working with local NGO’s (partners listed below) in implementing my activities.

I am currently going through intensive training in cross-sectorial cooperation, participation and art management and will be implementing my knowledge in 2017.

Yes, this is an ambitious plan and in so many ways I am breaking new ground. But 2016 has proved that this project is important and is needed. And that nothing is impossible, unless, of course, you do nothing. So I am taking a leap of faith again and I’m trying.


Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to hear more about any part of the project.

Please do so via


Project websites:


Project volunteer page:


Lithuanian Artist Association, Kaunas department

Lithuanian Association of Photographers

Kaunas Vincas Kudirka public library, Šilainiai department

Kaunas Fortress Park

Kaunas Artists’ Home

Art management platform ‘Arthesis’

Kaunas Street Art festival ‘Nykoka’

Šilainiai Community Association

Kaunas Grušas Art gymnasium

Kaunas Jonas Basanavičius gymnasium

Yard gallery (Kiemo galerija, Kaunas)


Evelinos Šimkutės Šilainiai – balta drobė kūrybai. Kaunas pilnas kultūros. December 2016. Online:

Audronė Meškauskaitė, Gyvenimą keičiantis menas. 2016 11 24 – 2016 12 07. Nemunas, Nr. 20 (980)

Vaida Stepanovaitė, Decentralizacijos projektų patirtys Lietuvoje. 2016 11 25. Online:

Neringa Krikščiūnaitė, Kitoks Šilainių veidas. 2016 11 25.  Online:

Evelina Šimkutė: „Šilainių fasadas tėra viena dėlionės dalis“. 2016 09 28. Online:

Tyrimų laukas – Šilainių mikrorajonas. 2016 09 19. Online:

Deep Baltic Blog. A sleeping district of poets and painters: redefining Kaunas’s Šilainiai. 2016 10 31. Online:

Evelina Šimkutė: „Kūryboje ir darbuose Šilainiai visada buvo su manimi“. 2016 08 31. Online:

Daugiaaukščių Šilainių istorija domina net japonus ir australus. 2016 08 28. Online:

Kaip miegamasis rajonas virsta kultūriniu židiniu. 2016 08 09. Online:

Kokie yra tikrieji Šilainiai? 2016 08 05. Online:

Evelina Šimkutė: „Šilainių ilgesys išaugino idėją surengti rajono nuotraukų parodą“. 2015 10 22. Online: