Street art in Šilainiai


Following requests from Šilainiai community members, we started to look more closely at these small buildings. We believe they are a perfect canvas for creativity!

Silainiai Street art 2017Walk in Šilainiai with local street artists, 2017.

2017 talks and discussions about street art.

Vytenis Jakas artist talk in Kaunas J. Grušas Art gymnasium: watch here.

Artist Tadas Šimkus giving feedback on some sketches at Kaunas J. Grušas Art gymnasium: watch here.


2017 summer students at Kaunas J. Grušas Art gymnasium were sketching ideas for such building next to their school. Thank you to art teacher Rasa Klingaitė for help and director deputy for education Undinė Diana Tumavičienė for the invitation. We now have a sketchbook full of ideas and dream about bringing one of these sketches to life! [Looking for an experienced project coordinator to help with this project pro bono, please contact if it’s you!]

2017 winter saw the first legal street art piece being born in Šilainiai. Artist Vytenis Jakas has created a sketch ‘Unicorn’.


Vytenis spoke about wanting to encourage and inspire nearby school children and locals to believe in magic, which, thanks to creativity and attentiveness, each of us can find in our everyday lives.

Sketch by: Vytenis Jakas / Kiemo galerija

Execution: Goda Skėrytė, Ieva Voroneckytė

Address: Baltų pr. 125, Kaunas

All works coordinated by Kaunas street art festival NYKOKA.


Images ©NYKOKA


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