Street art in Šilainiai


Calling all street artists!

Šilainiai Project is collaborating with Kaunas street art festival NYKOKA and inviting you to produce work in Šilainiai! There are five buildings to choose from, images and more info can be found on NYKOKA website:

It is going to be the first legal street art project in the neighbourhood and we are very excited!

Important: Please message us if you need contextual information about the site. We can meet up and show you around!


UPDATE: Due to the low participation in the open call, we were unable to choose the sketch in this way. It is an interesting development, which brought us back to the roots (or the street!) of the project. We are going to slow the process down and work with different local communities.

Starting with talks and discussions about street art.

Vytenis Jakas artist talk in Kaunas J. Grušas Art gymnasium:


Next talk with Tadas Šimkus at Šilainiai library (Baltų pr. 81, Kaunas) 18:00 at 2 October 2017.


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