Lahestan (Aleksander Haugen)

The improvised electronic music of Lahestan (Aleksander Haugen) (Norway) is based on sampling, electronic sounds, field recordings and live realtime sounds, processed through various effects. The atmosphere that is created consists of elements varying from abstract and ambient music to drones and industrial electroacoustic noise music. Since the music is improvised, what you hear is created exactly when you hear it, and exists only in that moment.


Lahestan was resident in Šilainiai 13-16 July 2017. He created soundscapes in Kaunas VIII Fort during the ‘Šilainiai [Fortas] Project’ event 15 July.


This is his initial ideas for the work:

In VIII Fort parts of the sound will be field recordings made in the area around the venue, as well as the sound of the audience in the room. This will be processed into the electronic audio loop and transformed into soundscapes appealing to the imagination of the listener.


Thank you to Pål Isdahl Solberg, Kaunas Fortress Park, Kaunas Artists’ Home, AC Patria and our volunteers for their help in making this work happen.

Šilainiai Project 2017 Artist residencies are partly financed by Lithuanian Culture Council.