Poetry in Šilainiai

During her work in Šilainiai artist Evelina Šimkute have noticed an abundance of poets living in the area, however most of them have never met. There was no open platform for poetry readings in Silainiai, so Evelina has decided to organise poetry readings in public spaces. They took form of a walk that takes you to the different areas where the participating poets live.

Participating poets: Zenė Sadauskaitė, Julija Augustauskienė – Rudenė, Aistis Zekevicius, Dalia Sakalauskiene and Rokas Povilius.

Here are some moments from the walk that happened 12 September, 2016 (in Lithuanian only):





Poetry in Silainiai

For more information and images from walks in Šilainiai, please visit Šilainiai Photo Facebook page.

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