The Lake Twins

The Lake Twins will be Artists In Residence in Šilainiai 15 – 24 August 2016.

Artists profile:

We are London based identical twin artists who have a degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Our practice is predominantly site specific and multi-disciplinary, consisting of drawing, painting, film, installation and text based work. Our practice centres on both our relationship as twins and addressing the history of a site in which we create work. We have worked with heritage sites both in the UK and overseas and we are sensitive to the requirements of such spaces. More recent projects have included Valentines Mansion in Ilford, Severndroog castle in South London, Turner’s House in West London and sites across Delhi, India.


We propose to create a work in two parts that responds directly to the district of Silainiai. The two parts will be investigated through drawing and film.

Following our initial research we have noticed similarities between the nine and twelve story blocks of flats but also small differences that we wish to explore through drawing and film. We feel that the way in which there are great similarities and differences relate to our own identity as mirror twins and our reason for exploring this aspect of the site. We plan to create a series of mirrored drawings of the site and produce a film documenting our artist residency in Silainiai.


We plan to create drawings independently but use the same images, so that when the drawings are brought together the details can be observed with comparison. We therefore wish to use the process of drawing as a means of:

1: Discovering how similar our perceptions of Silainiai are, to observe how closely we perceive the site.

2: Explore strong similarities between the buildings on site and draw on their slight differences. We make reference specifically to the nine and twelve story blocks of flats.


The film will be homogenous with the drawings that we intend to create. It will document our experience of making the work on site and a growing personal connection with Silainiai during our time there.  Sound will be a significant part of the documentation, as it will imbed the district of Silainiai into any space where the film is exhibited in the future.

We would like to organise a ten-day stay:

Project Calendar:

On the first day we plan to take a series of photographs of the site and this will be used as the basis for our drawings, and to engage more deeply with the essence of the site.

On the second day we plan to select the photographs that will form part of the basis of our drawings and undertake more detailed research of the site.

Between the third and the eighth day, our drawings and film will unfold in tandem and find fruition together.

We plan to exhibit the work to the local community on the ninth and tenth day.