Brooke Carlson

Artist Brooke Carlson will take part in Šilainiai residency 21 – 28th July 2016.

These are her initial plans for the residency:

For the past few years my practice has been dedicated to the performativity and materiality of the drawing discipline. The new project, beINg (working title), will extend on my recent performances which investigate drawing as the trace of an action and its inherent relationship to time. In particular see, BEGIN (January 2015, Croxhapox gallery, Gent, Belgium). By adapting the ‘child’ and ‘rock’ pose from Kundalini yoga, I drew around the peripheral stretch of my body, making repetitive marks until the state of exhaustion was induced. In investigating both strength and submission, the work looks to the physical limitations of the body. The Silainiai residency will be the first opportunity to take the performance outside of the gallery or institution space and focus on site specificity. By doing so, it will allow for the historical context and aspects to open up the key notions of control and time explored in my work. For beINg, I would like to investigate the human body’s relationship to space and the environment. I have two ideas – both of which are durational performances informed by the same bodily position from BEGIN. The first idea is to draw a line/mark around the body, and after each single mark (full circle) is made, I would move to a different position on the ground and draw another. This would repeat for a certain duration each day. The second is to draw repetitively in one position until exhaustion, and then move to another position on the ground. Depending on the surfaces available the mark would either be made by carving into the ground or with chalk on the pavement. If these actions are not suitable, another alternative could be thought of to make use of the environmental space. The project will focus on the ephemerality of the mark and gesture – in that it will only exist in the form of photographic and video documentation. Both the accumulation and erasure of marks throughout the seven day period will be evident in the documentation. This documentation could be recorded progressively in an online blog and be reproduced at the end of the project in the form of an artist book.

About the artist

b.1990 Sydney, Australia. Brooke Carlson is a Master of Fine Arts candidate currently studying at LUCA School of Art in Gent, België. In 2015, Carlson co-ordinated the national exhibition,Between the Lines (Verge Gallery, Sydney) and was awarded the Royston George Booker Scholarship (USYD) for overseas research. In April Carlson will undertake an artist-in-residence programme within the Sonic Arts department at Oxford Brookes University, England. The new project, Hear Me will investigate audio tactility (in relation to her drawing practice) working under the mentorship of artist and technician, Patrick Farmer (UK). Carlson has recently been selected for the International Performance Association Venice 2016 and will undertake a performance programme lead by VestAndPage – Verena Stenke (DE) and Andrea Pagnes (IT). Recent performances of Carlson’s include BEGIN (Croxhapox Gallery, Gent) and Silence (OFFoff Art Cinema, Gent). Her work has been exhibited at Tate Modern and London’s National Theatre.